For information regarding #tcchat20 (formerly known as #tcchat) be sure to follow @2moroDocs on Twitter. Sessions include important TC topics such as global considerations, the importance and challenges in usage of symbols, and discussions on best industry practices. It's a great place to learn and get to know some of the biggest names in the TC industry.

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Thanks, Zac, for adding this information about #tcchat. There are two chats planned now, and more coming. There's one coming up on Weds, Feb 8th. The topic is global considerations. The topic for 3/7 is DITA, and Julio Vazquez is going to be the guest SME. Times are 9am PT, which is 12 EST and 5pm GMT. You can also check the #tcchat Facebook page for detailed #tcchat information: In addition to @TC_Chat, my other account is @2moroDocs.

Hi - I need to add an update to this post. I renamed the chat to #tcchat20 after this was posted. It's very important to use the new tag (#tcchat20) and not the old #tcchat one. I'm still catching up and updating this information everywhere; I'll go through my posts on this site now. :) I'd appreciate it if you'd use the new tag! My apologies for the confusion! I appreciate everyone's patience during this transition period, and with me for falling behind on the updates everywhere. Hope to see you at a chat! Thx!

I've attended the last two chats. They're really great. I attend S2 (session 2) because I'm located in Sydney and the later time suits me better. S1 would be very early in the morning over here! I've learned quite a bit from the attendees. Most of all, it's lovely to chat to other people in tech comm.

Hallo, Sarah! Thanks for the note about the chat. I always enjoy those S2s and to be able to talk to you and others in Australia real-time. Plus it's always tomorrow where you are. That's a fun aspect to think about, I think.



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