Craig Haiss is stepping down as site admin. Craig was instrumental in spreading the word about Technical Writing World to our community, and in helping this place become what it is today.

Craig has some exciting opportunities in his career that are starting to occupy quite a bit of his time. Please join me in thanking him for all his hard work.

Thank you, Craig- I couldn't have done all this without you.

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Good luck in your endeavors, Craig. Thanks for helping get this great community off the ground.

Thanks Craig for the tremendous help done for the site.

Wish you Good luck in your future endeavors.

You did a great job helping out with the site, Craig.  Good luck in all your future endeavors, my friend. Much success!

Good luck, Craig!

And Thank You!

Thanks Craig, TWW is great. Good luck with your new opportunities!

Cheers, Sarah

Thank you Craig :) and All the Best for your new endeavors. 

Thank you all so much! Technical Writing World is such a great community, and it's been a pleasure helping it grow and getting to know everyone.

I'll still be around as a community member. (Wild horses couldn't drag me away!) But, as my late reply to this post indicates, I'm having some struggles keeping up with the community, so it's only right that I step down from my previous role. However, I'll still drop in when I can to talk about tech writing, chocolate, and other important stuff.

Arnold - I'm sure you could have done all of this without me, but I'm really glad you let me join in the fun! Thanks so much for everything. Some day we'll have to hang out, grab some coffee, and reminisce about the early days of TWW.

Thanks, everyone, for the wishes of good luck. I'll definitely need them as I plow forward down an exciting new path; I have much to learn. You guys are the best!


Craig (retired site admin, now ordinary chap)



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