I have received a document that contains track changes.

When i click anywhere on the text, a text box appears containing some text.

I cannot click anywhere in the text box. Also, the text box moves along with the cursor in the document.

If i accept the track changes, the text box disappears.

Can anyone throw some light about the appearance of text box?

I have also enclosed the document.



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Sanjay- can you attach a screenshot of what you are seeing? Everything looks ok on my end.

Dear Arnold,

I am enclosing the screen shot for your reference.

Hm...I'm not seeing that at all using Word 2010. Track changes is behaving as expected. What version of Word are you using?

Arnold, i am also using Word 2010.

Place your cursor anywhere on the text in the document, the text box will appear.

Note: Do not accept the Track Changes.

It's showing up on Word 2011, however, it's 12:30 am and I should be asleep. I'll have another look in the morning.

I think it's just Word highlighting what's changed in each section. This only works if you have Review>Tracking>Final: Show Markup enabled. If you switch to Review>Tracking>Final, you no longer see the hover box.

Also, If you still want to see the changes without the hover box, press Review Pane in the Review ribbon. The two insertions that were displayed using the hover box are listed there.

It looks like the reviewer retyped the entire document!

I do understand that the hover box displays Review contents. But the point here is how does it show changes in a hover box and not in the document itself.

As far as i understand, one can view the changes with in the document in coloured text and not in a hover box.

Hi Sanjay

I think the hover box is standard behaviour. From what I can work out about colour...

It might be that Word's preferences/settings for tracked changes are set to black.

On the Mac, you can change this under the Word>Preferences, Track Changes (screen capture below) On Windows, preferences (if it's called that) may be under that big round Windows button on the top left of the ribbon (sorry, it's years since I used a PC)

Is this what you are looking for...

Colour changes take effect when either Final Showing Markup (in the document) or Original Showing Markup (as balloon comments to the side of the document) is selected from the ribbon. Unfortunately, these options also mean the hover boxes will be displayed.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Chris, i tried it but could not create a hover box.



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