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How Atlassian uses K15t Software Scroll Content Management Tools

Posted by Nils Bier on September 16, 2014 at 8:51am 0 Comments

Hi everybody,

I’m working for K15t Software GmbH, we are specialized on developing content management add-ons for the collaboration platform…


MSWord getting familiar among writers

Posted by Shinha on July 17, 2014 at 6:50am 2 Comments

Microsoft Word is common and flexible for editing the documents compare with other tools. Created a document by using other technical tools, that makes complicated to non-technical folks while editing. They are not…


Urgent opening for Technical Writer

Posted by Nibha Kuttappan on July 9, 2014 at 10:24am 0 Comments


We have an urgent opening for Technical Writer at our company C-Sam Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (A MasterCard Company), Vadodara, Gujarat.

Interested candidate plz mail me their resume to : [email protected]

Active Shooter, Bomb Threat, or Just Rumor

Posted by Bruce Curley on June 7, 2014 at 2:12pm 0 Comments

There’s an active shooter at South Carroll High School!!! God, I hope Eamon is safe! What can we do!!?”

That is what I heard through my wife’s sobbing when I picked up…

Creating web-help systems with Joomla!

Posted by Matt Majeske on June 4, 2014 at 10:32am 13 Comments

A few years ago, I posted an explanation of how I used Joomla as a publishing platform for technical documentation on a corporate intranet. I continue using Joomla today, but in a different context: now I use it as a web-help…


How To Become An Effective Technical Writer

Posted by Dennis Redley on May 8, 2014 at 12:30am 1 Comment

The practice of technical writing is very different from creative writing,…


Need Guidance

Posted by Bala Murugan on February 1, 2014 at 9:10am 1 Comment

Hi all, i had read your comment. Now am working as a technical research writer for Writerbay. I am holding a technical degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and i has planned to switch company. can any one guide me about companies need…


Microsoft Word as technical writing tool

Posted by Vishnu Swami on January 25, 2014 at 9:30pm 0 Comments

I still see lots of teams using Microsoft Word for technical documentation. This makes me wonder why companies cannot find tools other than Microsoft Word.

What's your take?

web hosting writiters

Posted by Nataly Kalian on December 28, 2013 at 2:16am 3 Comments

We need professional writers. Language – English. Topic – Web Hosting.  4000 characters without space, need informative articles on webhosting.  You do the task if it is good enough we pay. No milestone. Payment presently via PayPal, Webmoney and…


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"I've had too many instances of very long Word documents freezing, crashing or taking inordinate amounts of time to convert to PDF. It's also horrible for any sort of advanced page layout. The other issue is most folk don't know how to…"
Paul B replied to Gadget Martelli's discussion Margins/Guides for printing quesiton
"Hi As I general rule, the margins at the spine should be bigger (or at least as big) as the margins at the edge. This is easy to visualize when you're using InDesign or Quark, but more effort on Word because of the way it displays pages. You…"
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Margins/Guides for printing quesiton

Hi all. I am a nearly complete n00b to technical writing and publishing and though I have a ton of questions, the most pressing one right now deals with page formatting. I work for a company that heretofore has written manuals in Word and do not…See More
Nov 13
Andrew Pfeiffer commented on Dennis Redley's blog post How To Become An Effective Technical Writer
"Some good points here. Also, we could think about how to write empathetically. Users sometimes wait to read documentation until they've become frustrated. One should follow all the principles you mention, Dennis, for the user's sake.…"
Nov 12
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Margins/Guides for printing quesiton

Started by Gadget Martelli in Software and Stuff. Last reply by Paul B on Tuesday. 1 Reply

Hi all. I am a nearly complete n00b to technical writing and publishing and though I have a ton of questions, the most pressing one right now deals with page formatting. I work for a company that heretofore has written manuals in Word and do not have the resources currently to get the tools that I think would be ideal to their needs. Until that day, I will be using Scribus,, and Diagram Designer for my needs and I have become meh-ok at each. I have, in the past, used In-Design, Quark…Continue

Which is more common: neighboring pixel or peripheral pixel?

Started by Jun Shoji in Questions, Opinions, and Thoughts. Last reply by Danger Zhang Nov 14. 1 Reply

To call adjacent pixels in the field of image processing, which is more common: neighboring pixel or peripheral pixel?Also please let me know if this sort of question is off the objective of this forum.Thank you,Continue

Tags: choice, word

Hyperlinked Documentation - How often?

Started by Alison Kendrick in Questions, Opinions, and Thoughts. Last reply by Amanda Hoppes Oct 24. 3 Replies

Hi,I am a technical writer in a municipal government setting. I have been writing a number of business processes, some of which contain hyperlinks to other documents (forms, manuals, etc.). The way my document is set up is that I provide a process overview and then a table which lists the process steps.My question is about whether I should hyperlink the references to the other documents both in the process overview and in the process steps, or just the steps. Also, how many times is it…Continue

Clarification on Inc.

Started by Amanda Hoppes in Questions, Opinions, and Thoughts Oct 24. 0 Replies

Looking for some clarification: In a business proposal should I be using the company's legal name throughout? For example, when a company has 'Inc.' as part of their legal name, is it safe to leave the 'Inc.' out? Let's say I'm writing a proposal for My Company, Inc. Can I just enter My Company, Inc., at the beginning of the proposal in the Cover Letter and Executive Summary and then in the rest put My Company? Or can I use the acronym of MCI after I have established it in the beginning of the…Continue

Is Framemaker worth it? Best resources for mastering Framemaker?

Started by Erica Krilov in Questions, Opinions, and Thoughts. Last reply by Brad Moldofsky Oct 14. 1 Reply

My company currently uses InDesign (with a combination of Photoshop and Illustrator) to create most of our documentation. My manager and I have had some conversations about whether we should or need to make a switch to Framemaker, which seems to be the go-to documentation tool for most companies. What resources do you suggest for getting familiar with Framemaker if you use it (I currently have a free trial but am not finding it easy to navigate)? Does anyone use InDesign? Or different tools…Continue

Tags: resources, documentation, adobe, indesign, Framemaker

Creating field level (rollover or popup) context sensitive help in RH10

Started by Kelley B. in Questions, Opinions, and Thoughts Oct 14. 0 Replies

Hi,I am working on a new project. The training staff would love to have field-level help included. I am currently creating CSH at the page level. The developers are willing to cooperate for field level, but the issue is that we don't want a user to click on a field and have the entire help system/topic for that page come up. What is preferred is a popup or better, a roll-over type of field help.Can this somehow be done in RH10?+ If so how is this done?+If not, are there other tools or options…Continue

Tags: rollover, pop-up, field, help, context

Volunteer Job Wanted

Started by DanaMoran in Careers Oct 4. 0 Replies

Hello!I was wondering if anyone had any leads for volunteer work as a technical writer.I have a MA in Literature from McGill University but my only technical writing experience is writing an instruction guide for a children's math game.I am switching careers from being an editor and proofreader.Thank you!Continue

Tags: volunteer

Madcap Flare

Started by Rasha in Questions, Opinions, and Thoughts. Last reply by Kai Weber Oct 2. 1 Reply

Hi,I'm a new user to Madcap Flare and I'm facing a problem when copying a project from one machine to another. The size of some images (eps files) is changed (either appear larger or smaller!), consequently the PDF output file generated using my machine is different than the one generated by team leader :(Any suggestions why this is happening?Thank you in advance.Continue

Rules for article omission

Started by Jun Shoji in Questions, Opinions, and Thoughts. Last reply by Kai Weber Sep 29. 1 Reply

Hello,Question 1:i am wondering what is the rules for omitting articles of words in tech-writings.Sometimes there are nouns written without articles in the use where they should have ones.For instance, I found the following sentence online in which I would add "the" preceding to "accessory inverter":- It is available to select both DCpower from battery and AC 100V from external by accessory inverter.Question 2:Also, rules for deciding using plural or singular form seems confusing.For instance,…Continue

Open Source Forum Creation

Started by rahul gulati in Software and Stuff Sep 24. 0 Replies

We are looking for an open source forum creation platform for our internal product Q&A. I tried Forumotion, Lefora or Xobor. They seem to be paid (for removing ads and providing additional storage).I am also looking in My BB and ProBoards to see if it works.We may need around 5 to 10 GB of space. Any suggestions will be welcomeContinue

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